Today is international women’s day. Every year we celebrate such days and every year we don’t progress much beyond creating awareness. Not trying to be cynical, however the truth is, much is said, talked or written about, however 90% of that doesn’t translates into action. Crime against women is on the rise globally. In India too, half of the cases go unreported (I m sure this might be a worldwide trend) after all the cops have to keep their statistics appear look good irrespective of ground realities.

As far as women safety is cornered in the IT and BPO sector, there have been news reports that IT-BPO industry, which employs a large number of young people, has come up with a slew of measures to protect its women workforce in Delhi-NCR.

National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) declared February as the Women Safety Month in Delhi-NCR, wherein it organized a series of events and activities to educate, engage and empower its workforce.

Som Mittal, president, Nasscom reportedly at a conference on Women’s Safety in Indian IT-BPO industry said “Working at any hours of the day is a fundamental right of every woman and all stakeholders must work together in partnership to create a conducive and secure environment for women”

I also chanced upon a case study prepared by Gian Jyoti(a management institute . The study titled – WOMEN EMPLOYEES IN BPOS AND CALL CENTERS: PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS , said

“Women employees constitute about one-third of the total workforce in Call Centers and BPOs in India. Though there is major economic contribution of women to the BPO industry, yet several challenges and problems faced by the women employees still remain to be addressed. Some of the major challenges include safe transportation, flexible working hours, night shifts, socio-cultural factors and sexual harassment. Though, Government of India has made certain strict rules and regulations regarding the safety and security of women working in the BPOs and Call Centers, yet the number of incidents of murders and rapes are increasing PAN India. The BPO and Call Center industry in India has a bright future ahead. The women are an integral part of BPO and Call Center industry, thus it is the responsibility of employer to address these challenges and problems at the earliest”

Women safety is a big issue and offlate only after the Delhi incident it got the kind of attention it deserved. Despite of that, the safety measures taken in small and medium IT firms are inadequate. India is a rising economy and can not ignore the security concerns of its women workforce weather they are in IT or elsewhere.

With a hope, that the governments round the globe work towards creating better laws, effective implementation and a gender sensitive society on the whole, i wish all the women working and non working a safe year ahead.