The Indian success story in tapping the outsourcing boom has caused many heartburns. Many protectionists have been up in arms against outsourcing as a matter of fact, the last US election had many passionate speeches in favor and against outsourcing. Having said that Outsourcing industry is synonymous with bringing economic and social benefits to countries where it flourished. In countries such as India the industry has delivered tangible benefits to tier 2 and tier 3 cities by providing employment to unemployed graduates.

Other countries who tried to emulate this success are having a serious tough time. These include emerging destinations like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh and many European countries too.

If these countries aren’t achieving the kind of success they anticipated it is highly because they lack a leadership, a visible brand that acts like a guiding star for others and pull them through. Critics say, if your don’t have any natural leadership to lead , the next best idea is to create it or better hire it. That’s what these countries are busy doing , they are seeking experts with proven track record and trying to create a friendly atmosphere to attract the service buyers.

Having said that industry analysts say another thing which inflicts the companies in the emerging markets is – visibility. In the international markets, companies should be visible from the buyer’s point of view rather than be dependent on independent assessments (e.g. global ranking)

The outsourcing market is valued at $ 4 trillion annual. Most of the government-backed market promotion programs usually don’t deliver and what is essential is identifying markets from the point of view of the end users .

If there is one thing which can put these companies land with lucrative outsourcing deals, it is a well thought out comprehensive social media campaign. A social media campaign wouldn’t just help spread the word about these companies, instead would help them remain in conversation, improve brand recall and make their own mark in the highly competitive outsourcing market.

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