India remains one of the most favored outsourcing destinations in the world. The western countries are increasingly willing to outsource jobs to countries like India, Indonesia, China and Bulgaria. The reasons are very clear, companies get cost benefits and control over the project. But the most important question is: Why India? And How India managed to top the list of outsourcing locations for western giants? Actually, India offers quality, a better infrastructure, liberal policies for foreign investments and huge work force at low prices. Obviously, the country also enjoys the benefits of these outsourced projects. Let’s find out how:

India is the world’s second most populated country but still in the developing stage. Unemployment is one of the pivotal reasons for widespread poverty in the country. However, the education system is yet very strong, producing thousands of qualified professionals every year. The country is not able to produce same amount of jobs every year though, so outsourcing helps in creating jobs. Without these outsourcing projects, the employment scenario would have been worse.

Foreign Currency

Foreign currency reserves are very important for all countries and the different projects from around the world in India ensure that the supplies of various currencies from these countries keep flowing. United States, United Kingdom and Australia are the heavyweights who like to outsource jobs in India and help in prospering the economy.

Infrastructure Development

India has seen a major growth in the infrastructure development in last decade and foreign investments is one of the reasons for it, directly and indirectly too. While outsourcing jobs to a country, foreign companies make sure that the workforce has necessary equipments and infrastructure facilities to meet the needs of competitive market. Therefore, they see to it that money is pumped for infrastructure development. Moreover, Indian Government has also worked a lot on the infrastructure sector to allure more and more companies for investing in the country.

Quality and Knowledge

Undeniably, western countries are far more ahead of developing countries in terms of managing and executing things. Their overall approach, knowledge and process of handling projects is very different and outsourcing serves as an amazing platform for workforce in India to get to learn these things. There are many young talented professionals in India who are looking for better opportunities and while working on such outsourced projects, they get to interact and learn from these foreign clients. This results to an overall quality growth of the workforce in India.

Per capita Income

Basically employees are not worried about foreign currency reserves or infrastructure growth. It may sound like a narrower approach but people are more worried about their salaries than anything else. Outsourcing in India has actually increased the bar for salary packages. And this is a very good thing, people today are being paid much more than what they were used to. This has increased the buying power of people increasing the standard of living in the country.

Therefore, it is not the outsourcing companies who benefit through the process as the advantages are mutual. Both the economy of India and workforce enjoys the benefits of such outsourced projects making it the most favored destination through quality and cost benefits.