With each passing day, the world is getting small and more virtual. Across the globe, Internet penetration is getting higher and higher. Easy access to the net and increase in net enabled mobile phones, is fuelling the growth of web users like never before. Growth can be a good problem to have, but it does come with its own set of challenges. An all together new set of population is being exposed to the world, about which they have more curiosity and little knowledge. This, many a times spoils the fun. These people are curious enthusiasts who want to be a part of online revolution, however, they continue to find it confusing to navigate through fancy website designs or locate the stuff they are searching for.

Now this poses a big problem to many companies who have online stores or their own e commerce sites as they depend a lot on online sales. Their websites have an extremely high bounce rate or extremely low conversion. Many a times a consumer leaves their site not because he did not the like the design or product or had no money, but just because, he did not know how to order, whatever we wanted to 🙂 That is a LOSS. An Opportunity wasted. That is almost like leaving – money on the table, that too, when it was all yours.

To counter this, companies often set up customer support service either via voice or chat to assist their customers to improve conversions. This is a win/win situation. The customer gets a happy experience and the company gets their much coveted sale. Now the problem with such support, especially voice; is, it is expensive and eats a lot out of the revenue pie. No wonder, many companies are focusing on cutting the costs by offering online chat support.

Live Chat support is less expensive, make customers wait less, increases productivity as one agent can handle more than one customer at the same time.

In the upcoming days, when call center outsourcing will get strong,  live chat support will continue to acquire more and more importance. The economy is in shambles, more and more companies will cut down their costs on voice support and resort to chat support. Most of the companies can’t have their in-house support and will outsource it to a third party. It’s high time for the Call centers, to sense this opportunity and take the maximum advantage out of it.