I came across an interesting news piece yesterday. A press release, made public by an american call center TRX that their highly esteemed client japan airlines have renewed their outsourcing services with them.

 Now this is an interesting premise and i would like to know the reaction of the anti outsourcing lobby. Would they join their japanese counterparts and protest outsourcing of japanese jobs to a US based call center? Shouldn’t they press for bills (that neither we will outsource nor will we take any outsourced jobs) and force Japan Airlines rethink their strategies regarding outsourcing after all US is brimming with anti outsourcing fever. Or is it just a hype build up in the age of media sensationalism.

Japan Airlines  in an official statement said the US based call center team is knowledgeable and backed with exceptional technology that ensures our operations run smoothly and efficiently. The companies which outsource, take such course of action primarily for such reasons – to focus on their core competence and improve their bottom line which in turn help them operate better and compete globally.

Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business economist Matthew Slaughter, who in a study of the hiring practices of 2,500 US multinationals, found that for every job outsourced, nearly two new jobs got created in the US. How on earth could that be possible? simple, companies which made more profits, invested more in expansion, which lead to more jobs and more opportunities.

 Protecting jobs is an emotional issue however many a times it is devoid of economic reasoning. You can do politics be being emotional but you can’t run a trillion dollar economy that way !