They say mistakes help you learn and change for better. What if, people keep on committing the same mistakes over and over again without even realizing that they are wrong? Call Center service providers are so engrossed with targets and results that they overlook common mistakes which may ultimately result in loss of the project. After which, the furious company fire the representatives and again hire new ones thinking that thing will get better. However, before blaming the employees, go through the checklist and see if you are also a victim of common mistakes.

1. Poor call volume forecast and target estimation
You cannot ever employ the right number of people without proper planning on targets and call volume. Most of the inbound call centres suffer from a lack of analytical analysis on call volumes. Undeniably, every fluctuation in volume is difficult to estimate but you should plan thoroughly. Employees may be over or under utilized without the volume forecast. As far as the targets are concerned, they should be set at an optimum achievable level. Unachievable targets cause job dissatisfaction while very low targets may cost the company.

2. Poor Quality Monitoring
Now this is a mistake which is difficult to understand as every call center says ‘Oh we have hired a quality control team’. But the problem is that most of the times, quality control is not what is required to maintain a certain level of quality. Listening to calls is a very important tool which most of the quality controllers fail to do. It not only provides information but also helps in promoting the talent.

3. Poor Incentives
Okay so business is a profit earning process and money is the best motivator for employees, so how these two should be balanced? Most of the call center service providers choose to ignore better incentives but want quality. You need to understand that without proper incentives, employees will never be motivated in most of the cases. Understandably, cost reduction is necessary but don’t cut it where it is necessary. Make incentive programs that promote quality and not just target. Design something that’ll benefit the company as well as the employees.

4. Poor IT Support
The call center works around the needs of customer on the paper. But on practical ground, a call center usually works within the limitations of technology today. Understand that IT is the weapon of your employees and if they don’t get optimum support then performance is bound to suffer. Call center technology should be funded properly so that employees don’t face quality issues with their machines and tools.

5. Poor Management
Like any other business, the administrative staffs are equally important in the call centres. However, irony is that usually management leaves everything to team leaders who further leave everything to people who handle calls. This results in total fall of the management structure and only when there is a lapse, management comes to shout at the team. No matter, what you do, things won’t work out like this.