Call center software can either prove to be a big help or a big nemesis in running call center operations smoothly. There is a vast range of software available in the market and choosing the best helps in improving the overall productivity of a contact center. Running a sizable contact center is a high investment affair and these softwares help in keeping the recurring costs to the minimum.

Below are the Top 5 call center software as per our internal research –

Genesys Intelligent Customer Front Door
The Genesys Intelligent Customer Front Door, integrates the customer database and various business details resulting in more personalized customer experience. In place of a phone, a program is used to record all the necessary data. This can store and retrieve more detailed information about the caller and is faster and reliable than conventional softwares. It also assists the caller as the situation demands.

Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center, (CIC)
The Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center, (CIC) helps to increase overall speed of operation . This consists of database management which can record numerous data in a short period of time. In addition to it , it also offers quality monitoring, knowledge management and auto response. This also helps in controlling high call volumes.

Avaya Customer Service Editions
The Avaya Customer Service Editions is another most sought after call center software. Some of the important features include end to end inbound voice, data routing, reporting, agent licenses and more. There are advanced options through which the high call volume can be controlled making the entire process easy and streamlined

Speech-Based IVR: Envox
Through Speech-Based IVR: Envox, the speech based programs are used. This assists in application building, installation, application support and customer care. Text to speech components are used while speech recognition is of major demand. This helps in saving time to a great extent.

Voice/network/management information /Analytics: Cisco
This one comes from the reputed family of Cisco. It offers to store and control all the details of the network and management of customer data is carefully done. The whole process follows a database which regularly updates the stored data. When a caller calls, the details are instantly recorded in the database for future reference. With more number of callers every day, the updated software helps in many ways and thus improves overall efficiency.

So it is clear how these cutting edge call center softwares are helpful in improving the overall efficiency of a contact center. Latest feature along with ease of use assist a call center increase its productivity multi folds. They offer several key advantages, like easy management of data, customized reports and faster retrieval of the same.

Contact centers must realize, each and every call center software is a long term investment and can make or mar their overall performance. All they need is – proper market research aided with the knowledge of experts to decide which one they want to rely on for their long term success.