In response to our latest series of short interviews on “Biggest Challenge of My Domain”, Purnima Menon, Ex Head Of Marketing, Infosys BPO,  shares  her story of  challenging journey so far! Below is the full text of her spirited saga.

There Will Be Good Days And Bad, But If There Is A Strong Focus, The Outcomes Will Astound You! - Purnima Menon, Ex Head Of Marketing, Infosys BPO

“To my mind challenges are really opportunities. Opportunities to transform, learn a new skill or simply find out a better way of solving an issue. My 17 year old marketing career has been peppered with not one but many such opportunities. In the first few years, the clear opportunity was to be the most relevant domain expert in my field. Understanding the nuances of advertising, pr , handling events were simply opportunities to expand my domain and prepare for the next phase of my career. Accentuating and developing my strengths, choosing growing organisations to work with , choosing a mentor who could help hone my skills were key focus areas that led me to my next milestone.
The next 7 years were all about being a business expert and aligning my expertise to build a global brand and become a marketing leader. Managing cross cultural teams, collaborating and contributing to business outcomes have been the key focus areas. Currently the opportunities that come my way are all about being a corporate leader – the ability to drive an organisation thought process, play a strong role in shaping the brand from grounds up, and enabling young leaders across organisations scale and reach their peak and potential.

My mantra has been to continuously look for opportunities to learn and grow. There will be good days and bad, but if there is a strong focus , work ethics and belief in oneself, the outcomes will astound you.”

About Purnima Menon: 
Purnima is Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer at CSS Corp. She has over 17 years of marketing and corporate communications experience in the telecom and IT sector, with a broad range of agency experience in advertising and pr . Prior to CSS Corp., Purnima was head of global marketing for Infosys BPO. Purnima is an graduate alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and a post graduate from Delhi school of economics. She is an amateur Kathakali performer and lives in Bangalore.