I read this comment below a news story reporting about a fortune 500 company thinking about pushing their call centers back to United States. The commentator said – “When you outsource in a way that results in quality suffering, it eventually erodes your bottom line, i.e., loss of ‘good will’. Sure, the company saves money but it can cost the customer their time … and becomes ‘lose-lose’ if you have to rework the solution 2-3 times.”

His remarks were simple and point blank on target. The resentment against outsourcing is less due to job loss but more due the under performance of the centers. Companies save money when they outsource, however, if the customers who are the end of receiving sub standard services they join the outcry against outsourcing. If you are satisfied, rather delighted with the services abroad why would you complain about it.

The company in question is CGI Group. Its president George Schindler said – Companies want more predictable results and lower workforce turnover than they are getting from their overseas centers.

Another solution he talked about was a credit-card company might outsource its call centers to India, but keep the service reps for its top-tier Platinum Card customers in the U.S. and Canada, to mollify callers who feel miffed by foreign-sounding service people.

The point is – if companies are keen to bring jobs back that’s not because of political backlash but out of their own dissatisfaction arising out of below par performance. If vendors want to counter the job flight of such clients back to their home country they need to improve their service quality to a never before level. And that only remains the best way out. Cost cutting alone wouldn’t solve the problem.