Social media is an unusual beast. It can easily eat away all your hours without you realizing it even for a second. It is only when you stare at your day-end report that it occurs to you, it was this beast which didn’t let you work. Quite interestingly , the same beast can be quite productive if used wisely and in smart proportions . Let us try and find out how to tame this animal and make the best use by finding more prospective clients.

Create Client Persona: Before you hit the facebook or LinkedIn button, you need to open your notepad and write-down who is your client, in what industry, in which country, city, what kind of work are they into, how can your solution help them improve their efficiency and so on. Make a list of your potential clients as well as their competitors (they too can be your customers). Then search for their name on the net and see which networking sites  they are on. It may be facebook, may be LinkedIn, they might have a blog of their own or any other social media entity wherein you can get in touch with them.

Build a relation: Now that you know where they are, don’t just hound them with your product or services and start pitching them right away. Follow them, add them to your networks, share groups with them, like, comment or mail them on their posts. No business talks till this point of time. Just plain simple, genuine appreciation for what they do.

Build Trust : Now that you have done the warm up session , time to build trust Show them your knowledge in their niche through participation. Active Participation in LinkedIn or other forums, display of your expertise via blogs, power point presentations and so on will help them take notice of you.

Impress Them: Now that you have build trust, ask them for permission to send them something which could be a customized solution in accordance to your client’s requirement. The idea is to impress them, make them more curious about your product and services. So, as far as possible don’t go for one size fits all solution, offer customized solutions.

Entice Them:  Decision making is a long process and despite of being impressed your prospective client can sit on that solution for months before taking a decision. Time is money and hence it is your loss . Now comes the last part. Offer them time bound enticing deals. Ask them if you could get a lucrative deal from your management would it help them reach a decision faster. Close all the objections before you offer them a time-bound  deal, which is too hard to resist.

Once you follow all the above mentioned steps, I am quite confident that you will be able to use social media to your benefit like never before. Happy networking.

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