More and more responses are pouring in for our ongoing series “Biggest Challenge of My Domain”. Paul Peixoto, President of The Serra Group, shares his set of challenges which he faces and gives a practical advice on how to overcome them. Below is the full text of his compelling piece.

Creativity And Innovation Are The Currency Of The 21St Century - Paul Peixoto, President, The Serra Group

“With all the great technology we have today, anyone can become your competitor overnight. It doesn’t take long for someone to put up a website, throw some content on there, and start making calls to your clients. Before you can blink an eye, you have a competitor. And they can do this on the slimmest of budgets. They don’t have to have large corporate offices or a huge plant to get started, but they can sure look like they do.

Because of this, our 24/7 global economy demands creativity and innovation to stay competitive. I think creativity and innovation are the currency of the 21st century. The problem is that these two qualities don’t come without hard work. As the president of my own firm, I try to keep all the departmental plates spinning while coming up with new and creative solutions. This can be draining, both mentally and physically.

Taking breaks from the day in/day out grind to recharge the creative batteries is not only good, it’s necessary to be able to stay on the competitive edge. The problem is that our current environment doesn’t leave much room in the schedule for those types of breaks.

One thing I have learned though, is that if you don’t keep the creative gene functioning–if you don’t take that needed break–you will be quickly left behind. There’s always something new out there, and I’d rather be the one innovating than the one watching innovation happen.”

About Paul Peixoto:
Paul is founder and president of The Serra Group Inc., a pharmaceutical communications consulting and training company headquartered in northern NJ. He’s been working exclusively with pharmaceutical clients for over twelve years. His expertise is in designing inspired solutions that help his clients convey their story to their target audience.