The times are gone when you had to be at least 25 before people can ask about the career plans. Today, the working environment has changed completely as the youth is looking for launch pad to start their career as soon as possible. Moreover, in most of the cities the expenses are so high that it is almost impossible to live on a modest salary. Students and fresh graduates may find it very difficult to get a job without prior experience. In such a scenario, Call Center jobs have really provided that base to the youngsters to jump start their career with decent packages. Actually, there is a common myth that call centre jobs cannot offer any development or learning opportunities. On the contrary, the hierarchy in call centres is pretty much same to any other company but with better and quick opportunities to grow.

So now the question arises: Who can join a call center? It can be anyone with basic knowledge of a language, basic computer skills and flair to learn and grow. Today there are call centres running around the world in several languages and if a person is comfortable in any one native or foreign language then getting a job is easy. Interestingly, many call centres don’t even ask for a graduate degree to get started so there can be actually nothing better than jump starting a career in this industry. However, assessment is necessary to know the kind of call center job one can do. It can be a technical process, sales process, knowledge process etc. The salaries differ from company to company and on type of work. Moreover, some training is also provided before hitting the floor so a fresher should get intimidated about the work circumstances.

Another concern is that of learning and growing opportunities. While working in a call center, a fresher can really earn valuable experience while earning some handsome amount. The work may seem repetitive sometimes but that can happen in any industry or job. Moreover, the performers in call center business are recognized quickly and are offered promotions and incentives. Probably the promotions in call center jobs are far too quick than other fields for deserving candidates. The valuable learning experience can help to start a call center business on your own. Many of the entrepreneurs have shaped their career this way only but that is something which is for later in the future.

Finally, the most important thing is the future prospects of a call center outsourcing. Notably, it has been estimated that call center and other outsourcing businesses have grown tremendously over the last few years and it will not cease the growth rate. Moreover, there are many companies that one can quickly learn and get hired by a better company if proper growth opportunities are not provided in the current company. As a fresher, it is surely one of the better job opportunities to learn while you earn.