Outsourcing a contact center isn’t an easy decision. There are many stages and several factors involved. Despite of addressing all the concerns, many a times that relationship fails. It fails, primarily because of mismatched expectations in terms of performance, communications, margins and so on. Below are the top 4 reasons why call center outsourcing fails?

1. Choosing the Wrong Vendor
What made you award your call center process to a third party vendor? Did he promise to bring down the costs? Did he promise to improve the customer service levels? Did you check his credentials.
As per the experts – “Call centers have become industry-specific, and businesses should use the expert knowledge to their advantage when choosing a vendor. A specialized call center knows ahead of time the desires of the customer and the compliance demands of the industry”

2. Not Paying Attention to DATA
DATA is the holy grail of any contact center operations. It is everything. You need to ensure that the data which you are receiving is not getting fudged. You need to have all the tools in place to avoid and catch any data discrepancy. Many a times, a client gets to know about the problems when it gets too late or beyond repair.

It’s not a bad idea to have a dedicated department devoted to managing and interpreting call center data. In addition to it, it is highly important to make sure, that your data is secure. There have been many instances of data theft and one need to put all the surveillance in place to ensure, that your data isn’t getting into the hands of your competitor.

3. Undermining the importance of CRM
Cutting the cost doesn’t mean, cutting the essentials. Having an effective and powerful CRM goes a long way in data crunching and producing meaningful results. A sound crm goes a long way in establishing the foundation of an effective work flow which not just improves the overall efficiency but also increases the productivity multifold.

4. Failing to Create a Sound Strategy
Many a times, despite of having the right vendor, with the right technology and the best of resources, the overall results of such a partnership are not satisfying. The problem lies in the strategy. If that is correct then the problem lies in the execution. And if, even that is correct, then the problem lies in the benchmarking. Probable the standards set for measuring performance are either too low or too high which are not producing results, that are in accordance to the requirement or as per the expectations.

If the client and the vendor work together with the same vision, they can certainly make their partnership work. 
Call center outsourcing can yield huge returns, provided both the parties adhere to the core fundamentals, with the same objective and are flexible in their stand to overcome any eventuality.