There Is No Alternative To Outsourcing: Anil Bhavnani

BPO Voice talked to Mr. Anil Bhavnani who is currently working with a Pharma Major as Director BPO and India Site Leader about his views and opinions on the upcoming changes within the BPO industry and the road ahead.

The outsourcing industry is changing very rapidly; clients are getting smarter (i.e. avoiding long term contracts etc).How would this affect us?

Yes, Contracts are getting Shorter but that is good for the Industry – More action with work moving across BPOs.

How can six sigma improve the overall efficiency of a center without putting too much financial strain?

Six Sigma is a Continuous improvement methodology and can improve efficiency by reducing Defects – 3.4 Defects / Million Opportunities is 6 Sigma
Obviously, there is cost attached and law of diminishing returns will exist.
My take is – Invest in Six Sigma by making it a part of your Operational Culture so the people working on processes improve them and then there is limited financial constraint.

You had joined (GECIS) in 1997 as a core team member. Having stayed in this industry for about 12 years, what are the changes you have observed in the Indian BPO industry , both in terms of it’s acceptance as a market leader to the clients overseas and in terms of it’s acceptance as career option at the associate level.

I think there has been a great change from the time when I started. When I used to tell people we work in the BPO industry and people used to ask “What is BPO?�? “Is it Business Power Organization”. : – )

Frankly, we have come a long way. There is a lot of acceptance by the Clients and it is a well accepted Career Option. I for one will vouch for it as it just zoomed my career path from an Accountant in an MNC to a Global F&A Subject Matter Expert.

Recently WNS has cautioned that anti outsourcing sentiments could hurt business? What is your view on it? How much such threats are real and to what extent can they affect us?

My view is that this is a passing Phase. Globally economies are in a recessionary mode , so things are moving slow but there is no alternative ( TINA syndrome) as people will continue to outsource to reduce Costs and use funds for expansion.

As an industry veteran were you worried after the Satyam fiasco? What is your view on the Satyam takeover by Mahindra Tech?

No, I was not worried as I didn’t work for Satyam (just kidding) but on a serious note, this does bring a bad name to the country, even Enron did for what happened in the US and people forget after some time.

As for Tech Mahindra taking over Satyam, I think it is a very smart move. I know some Senior Execs in tech Mahindra as they were ex – colleagues at HCL but if they have acquired the business there will be a Game plan and a lot will depend on how the Contracts with existing Customers get renewed with Tech Mahindra coming in.

About Anil Bhavnani

Anil is a Chartered Accountant and a Qualified Master Black Belt with over 20 years of industry experience in Financial Services, Corporate Finance and International Accounting. He is currently working with a Pharma Major as Director BPO and India Site Leader since Oct 2007 and is also a member of the Oracle Financials implementations team – World Wide.Anil started his career with Blue Star in 1988 and has worked with GE, HCL BPO, Convergys, Xansa UK and Pfizer in positions of increasing responsibility.

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this interview by Mr. Bhavnani are in his individual capacity and do not reflect the views or official policy/position of his employer.